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Amy’s Kitchen

These are ready made meals that are often microwavable, or sometimes require a toaster oven (such as with the vegan burgers).

They are not all vegan, but again it is appreciated that they are very clear about their ingredients and are helpfully labeled when they are vegan.

If you click through you can even search based on identifiers such as “vegan” or “gluten free”. It is too few and far between that more ubiquitous companies provide such clarity and recognition of healthier and more food conscious points of view, so even if it isn’t truly a vegan company, it’s honesty and openness goes a long way. Because, again, I think that’s what we can all agree on, that we merely want to be Thoughtful Eaters, knowing what we are feeding ourselves and being fed.

It is my understanding that some of these are available on campus at RIT at the various cafeterias and convenience stores. Unfortunately I could not find a list of products from RIT about what their stores are stocked with, which I think would be an amazing help, and is not out of the question in our day and age and especially at a technical institute. Being able to see the entire stock listing and researching products on your own without having to go to the store and spend so much time reading labels and trying to figure out what that weird word is and worrying that if you buy it you’re gonna be eating something bizarre like the crushed up bones of dairy cows or something terrible.

I am trying though, and I’m sure I’ll get some help, to focus more on what’s available at RIT, what’s quick and easy to make for vegan meals, and even some recipes available with a microwave or without any cooking besides just ready made meals.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us at the email address listed on the right.

Jason Natural Products

Another great brand of cosmetics and toiletries, again not completely vegan, but they are also refreshingly clear and open on all their packaging and their website about their ingredients and sources.

And very similar to Kiss My Face, both companies seem to promote naturalism over chemicals, which can always be a great health benefit.

However there’s always more to be told, especially in a capitalist market (which isn’t a bad thing). What we always want though is to seek out information and be aware of what it is that we’re feeding ourselves with and putting on or in our bodies.

Rationality is seemingly our species gift, so why abandon it? We should take advantage of it at every possible moment.

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is a mostly vegan brand of cosmetics and toiletries that is easily found around Rochester in at least Wegmans and Target.

Their website is very nice as they do have a section explaining their products ingredients, which ones are considered vegan, and their goals for being cruelty free and environmental conscientious.

Obviously not perfect, but the clarity and ease of understanding presented on the website and on the labels on their products is reassuring and refreshing compared to the ubiquitous brands out there.

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